Solargising the world

Sun is the eternal source of life…

Solargising the world

Lets harness the sun…

Solargising the world

To improve global energy security

Solargise is a technology focused manufacturing and utility-scale power project development company created to take advantage of the global solar build-out as solar energy becomes the mainstream source of power generation.

Solargise was founded by Raj Basu and is promoted by Raj along with Neil Conrad Phoenix and Neil Macleod with its head office in the UK and operations in Canada, USA and India backed by a team of experienced professionals with illustrious backgrounds in R & D, Energy and Finance.

Solargise’s value proposition is its ‘Sand-to-Power’ business model which completely integrates the entire manufacturing chain with long term revenues from PPA based power sale.

Our ‘Sand-to-Power’ chain includes Quartzite to UMgSi to 11N Hyper Pure Polysilicon to Ingot to Wafer to HIT PV Cell to Solar Glass to patented Plastic Free High Output Ultra Low Degradation Bifacial PV panel to IPP.


I started Solargise with the following premise: “to create the ideal living environment beginning with a clean and renewable alternative to coal power, as I firmly believe everyone should have access to clean energy, clean and pollution-free air, water and food.”
Founder & Group Executive Chairman, Raj Basu

 Through my experience, it became clear to me that Indian coal has low calorificvalue, which means more coal has to be burnt to produce each MW of power, creating more ash content and hence more pollution. To try and overcome issues with Indian coal, Indian IPPs built power plants that used imported coal from Indonesia and Australia. This was a bad business model where the power sale tariff was fixed in INR but coal was priced in USD with no hedge against FX exposure or government policy of the exporting countries.


 I needed clean feedstock at fixed or no cost to go with the fixed power sale tariff.
I therefore gravitated towards solar PV since it can be installed widely and O&M cost is lower than wind.


  When evaluating solar PV, issues regarding high degradation and use of plastics, as well as high production costs for current higher quality panels were identified as key issues.


 Therefore, we developed our own solar panel which addressed the key issues of degradation, solved a major environmental problem by removing plastics completely from panel construction for the first time, and reduced the cost of production.

Solution, refined…

Created the ‘Sand-to-Power’ business model by completely integrating the manufacturing chain from Quartzite – UMgSi – 11N Hyper Pure Polysilicon – Ingot – Wafer – HIT PV Cell – Glass Plant – Plastic Free High Output Ultra Low Degradation Bifacial PV panel – IPP. Therefore virtually eliminating cost volatility and capturing stable and high quality 15-25 year PPA based revenues from major utilities, blue chip companies and government entities which have the benefit of supporting long-term financing options.

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