Raj Basu

Group Executive Chairman

Raj Basu is the Group Executive Chairman and Founder of Solargise. He is driven by his ideology – Creating the ideal living environment for human beings, by creating access to pollution – free air, water and food through clean energy. Raj holds a BSc in Advertising & Psychology and an MBA in International Management. Entrepreneur at an early age, he started his business when he was 19 years old, while he was studying in college. Raj began his career with international trade in commodities and IT, after which he established his own management consulting firm advising clients internationally. Raj currently heads Solargise’s global team and oversees the design, development, implementation of Solargise’s strategy and operations across the world, including Solargise Canada’s Sand – to – Power project in Canada.

Denis Choquette


Denis Choquette is a Director at Solargise Canada. Denis has more than 25 years of success in the high tech, construction and finance industries. His broad areas of expertise include M&A, industrial, construction, telecommunications, IT, mining, fiber optic, and internet infrastructure. Denis has held leadership positions with GTR Capital; Bombardier; Sutton-Clodem Group; Fayolle Canada Inc.; Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.; IdCAD – PCO Innovation; E-Leasinghub; iSTAR internet; AT&T Paradyne, IBM Canada and Fayolle Inc. Denis currently oversees the corporate operations, relationship management and supplier management for Solargise Canada.

Christian G. Brosseau

Project Director

Christian G. Brosseau is the Project Director for Solargise Canada. Christian began his career at Price Waterhouse in corporate finance and developed an extensive expertise in large industrial projects and in project structuring. He then joined Hydro‐Québec, in 1998, where he held several responsibilities. In 2005, as Vice – President Wholesales Markets for Hydro‐Québec Production he was responsible for all non‐regulated activities, including Canadian and US commercial activities. He was also  responsible for the negotiation of complex commercial agreements with large industries. In 2012, he joined CGI Inc. where he was Senior Vice ‐ President in charge of the financial  services business unit.  In 2017, Christian acted as a senior executive  advisor and consultant to a Montreal base energy trading company.  He also advised and  participated in the strategic repositioning of an IT company engaged in the business of financial modelling mainly in the energy sector and in infrastructure investments. Christian is currently co – ordinating Solargise Canada’s Sand – to – Power project in Canada.

Mario C. Seguin

Director, Human Resources

Mario C. Séguin is the Director of the Human Resources function of Solargise Canada, he has more than 25 years of experience as a member of senior management teams and business partner with multinational companies namely Acuity Brands Inc and more recently with Fayolle Canada Inc. His main fields of intervention were organizational diagnosis, strategy integration and deployment within different manufacturing business model, strategic skills development, leadership development, organizational development, the acquisition, alignment and retention. In addition to the management of large Human Resources departments, his main achievements are the development of strategic initiatives and the implementation of HR management systems and approaches focused on reengineering and process optimization including the adequacy of competence. Added to this expertise are the consolidation and recovery of manufacturing plants and the acquisition of manufacturing businesses.


Giacomo Carcangui

Chief Technical Officer

Giacomo Carcangui is the Chief Technical Officer for Solargise. He has extensive experience in engineering, innovation, research and development, alongside a track record of managing technology and solar energy module production facilities. Giacomo is the author and holder of various patents, and industrial innovations regarding PV modules, inverters and LED lighting and developed two PV production lines from conception to installation and operation.  Giacomo is qualified in electronics, mechanical engineering and computer science and has developed specialist technical knowledge of every aspect of the solar energy industry. He shares his extensive technical knowledge and experience through presentations and seminars for the energy department at Milan Polytechnic.

Terry Anderson

Senior Technology Advisor

Terry is a Senior Technology Advisor to Solargise Canada. Terry is highly experienced with over 30 years of industrial experience in operations and project execution in the polysilicon industry having worked as the Vice President of Materials at Hoku Materials, Vice Director of Commissioning at RMT International Corporation, Operations Manager at AE Polysilicon and various leadership roles over his 20-year career at ASiMI, which subsequently became REC Polysilicon. Terry assists Solargise Canada in the selection of various technologies and co – ordination with various contractors in the design and redevelopment of Solargise’s polysilicon plant as part of Solargise’s Sand – to – Power project.

Benjamin Krause

Polysilicon Technology Co – Ordinator

Benjamin J. Krause is the Polysilicon Technology Co – Ordinator at Solargise Canada. Ben is a highly experienced professional, having spent 16 years at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory and at the University of Chicago Argonne National Laboratory working in the nuclear industry and a further 6 years in the polysilicon industry, having worked for Hoku Materials and JH Kelly. Ben currently assists in the design, development, research, implementation and integration of polysilicon in Solargise Canada’s Sand – to – Power project.

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