Solargise America

Raj Basu

Group Executive Chairman

Raj Basu is the Group Executive Chairman and Founder of Solargise. He is driven by his ideology – Creating the ideal living environment for human beings, by creating access to pollution – free air, water and food through clean energy. Raj holds a BSc in Advertising & Psychology and an MBA in International Management. Entrepreneur at an early age, he started his business when he was 19 years old, while he was studying in college. Raj began his career with international trade in commodities and IT, after which he established his own management consulting firm advising clients internationally. Raj currently heads Solargise’s global team and oversees the design, development, implementation of Solargise’s strategy and operations across the world, including Solargise America’s polysilicon plant in Idaho.

Terry Anderson

Senior Technology Advisor and OSHA Compliance Officer

Terry Anderson is the Senior Technology Advisor and OSHA Compliance Officer for Solargise America. Terry is highly experienced with over 30 years of industrial experience in operations and project execution in the polysilicon industry having worked as the Vice President of Materials at Hoku Materials, Vice Director of Commissioning at RMT International Corporation, Operations Manager at AE Polysilicon and various leadership roles over his 20-year career at ASiMI, which subsequently became REC Polysilicon. Terry is experienced in interpreting and implementing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and currently works to ensure the maintenance of safety standards at Solargise’s polysilicon plant and to ensure that Solargise America is fully compliant with OSHA standards.

Benjamin Krause

Site Operations Manager

Ben is the Site Operations Manager of Solargise America’s recently acquired polysilicon plant in Pocatello, Idaho where he currently manages and oversees the operations, maintenance and administration of the plant. Ben is a highly experienced professional, having spent 16 years at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory and at the University of Chicago Argonne National Laboratory working in the nuclear industry and a further 6 years in the polysilicon industry, having worked for Hoku Materials and JH Kelly at the Pocatello plant prior to its acquisition by Solargise. At Solargise, Ben is a key team member and leader in Pocatello, working with the management team at Solargise and the on – ground employees to ensure the smooth functioning of the Pocatello plant. Ben possesses a detailed process understanding and working knowledge of each aspect of the polysilicon production process and equipment purposes, as well as site management and operations.

Dileep Kumar Saidu


Dileep is an engineer with Solargise USA where he works on the design, modelling and equipment standards for Solargise’s polysilicon project. Dileep has acquired valuable experience in the polysilicon field having worked for Dynamic Engineering Inc. on their several engineering projects. Dileep currently assists the Solargise USA team in the process design of its polysilicon plants, modelling of equipment and simulation of polysilicon plant processes to ensure that the plant functions at optimum capacity.

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